Text Scam Alert

Sep 5, 2023


Reports of the following text messages (images below) have been reported. The text messages below are not legitimate and did not originate from Rally Credit Union. Please take every precaution to safeguard your account information. Rally Credit Union will never ask members to click on any links to confirm fraud or to verify your account information. Please contact Rally immediately, if you feel that you have become a victim of fraud at 800-622-3631.

Below please see samples of fraudulent texts recently sent to Members. Note the embedded fake URLs. These fraud attempts are designed to capture your account information, Online/Mobile Banking login credentials, and other sensitive personal information, these are not from Rally Credit Union.

Text Scam Example

Safety Tips to Keep Your Information Secure
  • Rally does not email, text, or phone to ask Members for sensitive financial information such as CVC numbers on debit or credit cards, account numbers, PINs, usernames, passwords, or Social Security Numbers.
  • Always vet any links, email addresses, or website domains you receive. Look for strange characters in the links, or unfamiliar URLs. Incoherent letters, numbers, and symbols may indicate a fraudulent, spoofed website.
  • We recommend changing your password frequently and using a complex password.
  • As part of your vetting process, always ensure that https://rallycu.com is the URL when visiting our website. When in doubt, call Rally directly- 1-800-622-3631.

Learn more about safeguarding your debit card.