Canceling Your Online and Mobile Banking Services (Digital Banking)

Your Online and Mobile Banking Services (Digital Banking) remain in effect until they are terminated by you or us.  You may cancel your services anytime by notifying us of your intent by completing the form below or calling us at 800-622-3631.

This cancellation applies to your Digital Banking only and does not terminate your Rally Credit Union accounts. Information such as your usage history, account information and online activity will be retained in compliance with regulatory guidelines.  Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Cancellation of Digital Banking will result in the following:

  1. Login ID and Password will be deleted, and you will be unable to access Digital Banking.
  2. Any scheduled recurring payments through Digital Banking will be cancelled.
  3. Access to Bill Pay will be removed – we strongly suggest you cancel any recurring payments and electronic bills, wait until you have reviewed your first paper statement from the biller, and setup another method for payment.
  4. Access to electronic account statements will be removed – please change your election to paper statements (a fee will apply – see fee schedule at https://rallycu.com/fees/).