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Fees Amount
Account Inactivity Fee (monthly)
monthly fee is applied if no activity for 6 months &
balance is less than $50.00
ATM Fee (non-proprietary ATMs) $2.00
Bad Check Fee (Returned Mortgage Payment) $20.00
Bill Payment Monthly Fee (Non-Business Accounts) FREE
Bill Payment Same Day Bill Payment Fee $9.95
Bill Payment Overnight Check Service Fee $14.95
Bill Payment Return Item Fee (per presentment) $30.00
Check Cashing Fee $5.00
Check Rejection Fee $1.00
Copy Fee (per page) $0.25
Credit Card Late Fee $25.00
Credit Card Late Fee Timing At Cycle
Credit Card Return Check Fee $25.00
Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fee 1.00%
Credit Card Branch/ATM/Online Cash Fee Greater of 2%
or $2.00
Debit Card Reinstatement Fee $10.00
Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Debit Card Research/Film Fee $75.00
Excessive Withdrawal Fee $1.00
Flag Checking Monthly Fee $6.00
Insufficient Funds Charge (FOR ALL ITEMS) $30.00
Loan Payments via debit/credit card $15.00
Loan Payments by Phone check-by-phone (Agent Assist) $5.00
Money Market Minimum Balance Fee
(Monthly fee is applied if daily balance falls below $2,000)
OD Protection Transaction Fee $5.00
Official Check Fee- Cashier Check (per item) $5.00
Official Check Fee- Money Order (per item) $3.00
Paper Statement Fee- Copy (per statement) $3.50
Paper Statement Fee- Mailed Checking $2.00
Reactivation Fee $15.00
Return Deposit Item Fee (Charge Back Check) $15.00
Share Draft Copy Fee (per share draft) $2.50
Stop Payment Fee (per item) $30.00
Uncollected Funds Charge (Return Item/Nonsufficient Funds) $30.00
Wire Transfer Fee - Within U.S.A. (per item) $25.00

Send Money

Send Money Fee FREE
External Account Transfers FREE

FAX Fees

Outgoing, First Page $2.50
Each Additional Page $1.50
Incoming, First Page $1.50
Each Additional page $0.50


Fee ($10 minimum) $10.00
Per Hour $20.00