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Give me a B-R-A-V-O!

He’s brave. He’s fierce.
And he’s proud to represent Rally Credit Union.

Bravo Main Pose

Bravo's Mission

As the official Rally Credit Union mascot, Bravo always aims to bring Rally spirit to new heights! Inspired by our nation’s patriotic symbol, Bravo’s confidence and charisma brings smiles and pride to all who meet him.

Did You Know: The name Bravo is a salute to our former name, and a nod to our Rally values—cheering for our members every step of the way.


Fun Facts

  • Height: Larger than life
  • Weight: Light as a feather
  • Species: Bald Eagle (with great hair)
  • Birthplace: 1955 Nest Place,
    Harbor Bridge, CCTX
  • Hatch Day: February 21, 2024
  • Favorite Restaurant: Freebirds
  • Favorite Band: The Eagles
  • Favorite TV Show: Ted Lasso, Mad Money
  • Favorite Colors: Blue and yellow
  • Likes: Team spirit, the U.S. Military, a high-yield savings account

Bird Watching:
Spot Bravo in the Wild

Have a real eagle eye? Prove it! Look out for Bravo in places around town, from community events to Rally branches across South Texas. If there’s an opportunity to cheer, strut and boost a crowd—Bravo is ready to make an appearance.

Rally's Bravo Mascot side profile

Fun for the Eaglets!

Get creative! Make Bravo your own with our printable coloring page.

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