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Early Pay Day

Get your paycheck sooner.

With Early Pay Day, you can access your paycheck up to three days* sooner than your expected payday. Rally will post all direct deposits as soon as we receive a notification from the Federal Reserve.

To enjoy the convenience of Early Pay Day, simply set up Direct Deposit of your check to Rally Credit Union by calling your employer. For assistance in completing the paperwork, you may call Rally at 1-800-622-3631 or visit a branch near you. It can take a few weeks for new Direct Deposits to go into effect. Monitor your account regularly so you will know when automatic deposits start appearing. Easily confirm receipt of your funds by logging into Online Banking, using the Mobile App, or Bank By Phone to check your account. You can also setup alerts in Online and Mobile Banking so you will know when a deposit has posted to your account.

Rally Routing Number - 314978543

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Please contact us directly at 1-800-622-3631 to ensure an accurate account number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Early Pay Day

Members that have set up Direct Deposit to Rally will automatically receive the benefit of Early Pay Day. In order to receive this service, first verify that your employer offers Direct Deposit and complete the necessary paperwork provided by your employer. For assistance in completing the paperwork, you may call Rally at 1-800-622-3631 or visit a branch near you.

Rally receives notifications at 7:00am, 11:00am, and 3:00pm, Monday-Friday, excluding Federal holidays.

Rally recommends that loan payments post on the regularly scheduled pay date to ensure the transfer takes place. Rally cannot control when a Direct Deposit will post with the Federal Reserve.

Early Pay Day is not a credit, loan, or an advance. Loan payments and loan payment due dates will not change with Early Pay Day and loan payments will be due on their normal due dates. You can also setup alerts in Online Banking that will notify you when your loan payment is due and when it has been paid from your account.

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*Early Pay Day offers an immediate credit of your direct deposit to your account up to three (3) days early depending on timing of payer’s (example: employer’s) submission of deposits into our Automated Clearing House (ACH) database. We recommend that you do not write checks or authorize any other withdrawals against your directly deposited funds until you verify that they have been posted to your account. Rally Credit Union cannot assume any liability for not depositing these funds into your account early. Early Pay Day effective as of March 1, 2020. Offer subject to change without notice.