Why are my online transactions not going through out of my Savings account when funds are available?


This may be due to Regulations D. Reg D means no more than six (6) transfer or withdrawals per calendar month to another account of the member's by means of preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephonic agreement or to a third party.

Transactions that count as one of the six:

  1. Account to account transfers by telephone (whether by calling the Credit Union or using our audio response system)
  2. Overdraft protection
  3. Checks to third parties
  4. ACH Debits
  5. Automatic sweep (auto transfer from account to account on any designated day)
  6. Transfers to third party accounts

You will be able to transfer out of your savings account electronically on the 1st of the following month.  You may still conduct transactions in person at an ATM or any branch out of your savings account.