Championing Cyber Safety

Nov 28, 2023


We live in a rapidly evolving world driven by technology, and safeguarding our cyber data, especially when it comes to finances, is crucial. National Computer Security Day reminds us to remain vigilant and proactive in securing our digital information. Rest assured—it’s not all scary. By being a Rally member, you are automatically reinforced with multiple layers of digital armor.

Here’s how we keep your accounts safe.

Account Monitoring: We diligently watch for potential fraud, alerting you promptly of any suspicious activity.

Shielded Rally Server: Our online server is shielded by a firewall, securing your information from illegitimate connections.

Legal Compliance: We adhere to federal and state privacy laws to keep your nonpublic personal information safe.

We’re here to help protect your account, but it can’t stop there. You play a vital role in your cyber safety—and the good news is that keeping your data safe is easier than it sounds, and we’re always ready to help.

Here are some steps you can take to further shield your finances online.

Software Updates: Keep your system up to date to fend off cyber threats. Updates contain vital security fixes, shielding your device from vulnerabilities. Install the latest versions promptly to ensure top-notch protection.

Strong Passwords: Choose a robust password, like a three-word combination, and change your password quarterly.

Data Backup: Back up your crucial data—whether in the cloud or via external storage—to prevent data loss. Routine backups ensure recoverability in case of loss or breach.

Communication Awareness: Be familiar with Rally Credit Union’s forms of communication. We never solicit sensitive data like account or social security numbers via text, email or phone. Text message alerts from us will always come from the number 37268. If in doubt, contact us directly at 800-622-3631.

Stay informed. Stay protected. Together, we champion the security of your accounts.