Flex Your Finances with Extended Auto Terms

Dec 5, 2023


At Rally Credit Union, we believe in empowering our members to achieve their financial goals with flexibility and affordability. In line with our commitment to providing innovative solutions, we're excited to introduce our new 84-month auto loan term, designed to offer you a positive and feasible way to finance your dream vehicle.

Understanding Loan Terms

Car loans come in various lengths, ranging from 36 to 84 months. The duration, known as the loan term, plays a crucial role in balancing interest rates and overall affordability.

Advantages of the 84-Month Term

  1. Lower Monthly Payments: One of the key benefits of opting for an 84-month term is the lower monthly payments. By spreading the total loan amount over a more extended period, we make purchasing a car more accessible and budget-friendly for our members.
  2. Building Credit Safely: With affordable monthly payments, our 84-month term provides a practical way for members to build credit responsibly. While there are other methods, the consistency of lower payments can contribute positively to your credit score.
  3. Affording a Better Car: The extended term opens up opportunities for our members to consider a higher-end vehicle, enhancing your driving experience without compromising your financial stability.

Addressing Potential Drawbacks

It's essential to acknowledge potential drawbacks, such as a longer time for interest accrual and the risk of depreciation. However, at Rally Credit Union, we are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions that align with your financial well-being.

Choosing the Right Loan Term

Selecting the right loan term involves a thoughtful consideration of your income, savings, and the vehicle you desire. While longer terms offer better affordability, shorter terms reduce overall costs and risks.

Our Commitment to You

Rally Credit Union understands that every member's financial situation is unique. Our 84-month auto loan term is just one of the tools we provide to support your journey towards financial success. We encourage you to explore this option with the confidence that it's crafted with your best interests in mind.

Embark on your car-buying journey with Rally Credit Union, where financial flexibility meets member-focused service. Feel free to reach out to our dedicated member service team for any assistance or guidance.

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