Loan Payment Update

Jun 22, 2023


We are excited to announce that we have updated our loan payment system.

Enroll Today
When you enroll, you have several convenient payment options to choose from. You can:
-make your payment from a checking account at nearly any financial institution
-store multiple accounts to make payments from, view payment history, schedule multiple loan payments, and more!

To get started you will need:
-Routing number of the financial institution you are pulling the payment from*
-Your Rally Account Loan Number
-The last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
* You can usually find these on the bottom of your check.

Pay from Checking Account 1
Pay From Debit Card 2

1. A fee of $25 will be charged and added to your loan balance for any returned check or ACH payment.
2. A $10.00 fee applies to payments made with debit card.