It's time to RALLY!

NavyArmy is Rally Credit Union.

A lot can change in nearly 70 years. We started out in 1955 as Naval Employees Corpus Christi Federal Credit Union (NECCFCU)—a name that said exactly who we served: the civil service employees of the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas.

Now, as Rally Credit Union, our name clearly states who we serve today. It speaks to the way we welcome everyone who lives, works, worships or goes to school in our communities—making up our 200,000+ military and non-military members.


New Name Recap

Here are a few ways we kept our members informed, every step of the way.

Nov 2022:Shared new name with members
Dec 2022:Began transition to new name
Jan 2023:Branch signage installations began
Feb 2023:Online Banking and Mobile Banking App brand updated
Rallycu.com launched
Social media accounts updated with new name
Mar 2023:Brand launched to the community

An Honorable Evolution

The concept behind our logo merges three elements: the ribbon—a tie to our military roots, the forward arrow—a nod to our former branding symbol, and the “R” from Rally.

Logo Evolution Graphic

The History Behind Our Name

  • 1955


    We opened as Naval Employees Corpus Christi Federal CU to serve the civil service employees working at NAS Corpus Christi.

  • 1957


    We opened to uniformed military personnel.

  • 1966


    We changed our name to Navy Army Federal Employees Federal Credit Union.

  • 1970s


    We continued to grow at a steady pace without any mergers or new facilities.

  • 1988


    We grew immensely after a few strategic mergers and simplified our name to Navy Army Federal Credit Union.

  • 1990s


    We launched more branches, opened eligibility up to family members of current members and continued to grow!

  • 2004


    We opened membership to anyone who lives, works, worships or goes to school in a community we serve.

  • 2012


    We expanded our service area to the Rio Grande Valley by changing to a state charter and became NavyArmy Community Credit Union to clarify who we serve.

  • 2019


    We began the careful process of updating our name and brand to further welcome everyone in the community.

  • Today


    We are Rally Credit Union!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Name Change

Current credit union law does not require a membership vote for a name change. However, the member-elected Board of Directors voted on and approved the new name. The Board is trusted by its members to make financially informed decisions for the success of the credit union.

For two years, our team planned and researched extensively to choose the right name. Efforts included focus groups and interviews with staff, members, non-members, military and non-military to guide us through the renaming process.

No, the credit union is in great financial health. The decision to change the name was made to let people know that being in the military is not a requirement for becoming a member.

We love our military, but we were not created for them or to be exclusive to them. Our love and respect for the military will remain as it always has, and the new name and branding will honor our legacy.

No, NavyArmy was not bought out and did not merge with another credit union. The NavyArmy Board of Directors, senior leadership, and staff made the decision to change the name.

While we loved our NavyArmy name, we learned that many people thought you had to be in the military to join. In addition, our credit union was often confused with Navy Federal Credit Union, which is military-only. We are deeply committed to the work we do here and believe the new name will make our services available to as many members as possible.

The name Rally says we’re all in. It represents the spirit of our credit union and what we’re most proud of: rallying behind members to help you achieve your financial goals. It’s positive, upbeat and a nod to our military past (think, “Rally the troops!”) And, most importantly: it welcomes everybody.

The name and some branding are the only things changing. That means you can expect branch signage, eStatements, debit cards, mobile apps, etc. to eventually be updated. But our mission, values and who we are at the heart of our credit union will stay the same.