Preparing to travel? Let us know before you hit the road.

May 25, 2021


The bags are packed. The hotel is booked. You’ve even lined up someone to water the plants. But there’s one last item to cross off your list before traveling: alert Rally that you’ll be out of town.

Why it matters

Protecting your finances is our priority. To help safeguard your accounts, our team gets a sense of your usual spending patterns—and raises red flags when things look a little off.

Out-of-state and overseas charges can often trigger fraud alerts. To avoid unnecessary account safety actions from Rally, it’s best to let us know at least a day in advance before you travel.

We make it easy online

Whether on mobile or desktop, you can quickly share travel plans without the hassle of making a phone call.

Step 1: Log into your Rally account. Don’t have an online banking login? Make one here.

Step 2: Select “Messages” in the main menu.

Step 3: Click the blue pencil icon.

Step 4: Under “Message recipient” select “Travel Notification.”

Step 5: Write your message, including your date of departure and arrival and the last 4 digits of your debit card(s). It’s that simple.

Need a bit more guidance? See our visual walkthroughs:

Step 1


Step 2-3


Step 4


Step 1


Step 2-3

Step 4