Oct 31, 2017


Why do you need to go vote for Prop 2 and Prop 7?
Proposition 2 will improve access to home equity loans for borrowers, while still maintaining protections for home owners. Borrowers with home equity loans will be able to refinance them as conventional loans, offering more options and potentially more favorable rates. Home equity lines of credit would be more convenient for borrowers. The changes in Proposition 2 make small loans more accessible resolving the 3% fee cap problem for home equity loans and will also allow farmers and ranchers access to home equity loans for the first time.

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Proposition 7 allows credit unions and other financial institutions to offer prizes to encourage people to save more money. Consumers control the funds they deposit and can withdraw it when needed. The prizes make saving more fun, which can be very helpful in a state where one third of the families don’t have any savings accounts. Approval of Prop 7 will be good for Texas families.
See Prop 7 for Texas for more information.
Please take time to vote YES on Propositions 2 and 7. Election day is November 7 and early voting runs from October 23 through November 3.

Gerry Morrow
President and CEO