Safeguarding Against Mail Theft

Mar 25, 2024


Your personal info deserves a fortress, not a target. Let's dive deeper into how we're putting the spotlight on mail theft and helping you lock down your sensitive data with these smart moves:

Checkmate with USPS Blue Collection Box:
When it comes to mailing checks, play it safe with Rally Credit Union! Utilize USPS Blue Collection Boxes for that extra layer of security. It's not just a move; it's a power move to keep your finances under wraps. These blue boxes act as guardians, ensuring your important documents reach their destination securely.

Stay Informed with USPS Informed Delivery:
Knowledge is key, and at Rally, we believe in empowering our members! Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery to stay one step ahead. This innovative service allows you to know what mail is heading your way and spot anything fishy before it even reaches your mailbox. It's like having a personal radar for your incoming mail.

Level Up with Online Bill Pay:
Saving on postage is just the beginning of the perks! At Rally Credit Union, we encourage you to amp up your security game by switching to online bill pay. It's not just convenient; it's a secure way to handle your bills, acting as a digital bodyguard for your financial info. Say goodbye to traditional hassles and embrace the seamless, secure future of bill payments.

Go Green with E-Statements from Rally:
It's not just about being eco-friendly; it's about securing your financial details. Sign up for e-statements and alerts from Rally Credit Union. By keeping your financial information digital, you're choosing the safe route. We prioritize your security while embracing a paperless, environmentally conscious approach.

Remember, it's all about that pause and ponder moment. Stop, slow down, and think before you act! Together  we're not just securing your finances; we're locking down your financial fortress